Lifetime Guarantee

Your Jewellery Is Perfected To Last

However, to assure extra security with every purchase, every piece is equipped with a Lifetime Guarantee

 If you encounter any issues, email us at, we will replace the product Free Of Charge, we put you first!

Please note: Our Lifetime Guarantee Card only covers accidental damage. We will replace defects that are on our behalf. Khral will not be liable to replacement of any items that are subject to theft or loss. 


We have ensured all pieces at Khral are crafted and finished with the highest quality materials such as Pure Silver/18K Gold. As a result, we can promise your pieces will not tarnish or fade with time. We understand the significance of longevity when purchasing valuable pieces, so we have designed all pieces to be worn at anytime/anywhere.


Pieces at Khral are finished with Pure Silver/18K Gold on Premium 316L Stainless Steel. Our Silver/18K Gold Coating provides our pieces with a luxury shine. We use a Stainless Steel Base to ensure the durability of each piece is maximised, giving our customers the best of both worlds.

Our iced pieces are embedded with CZ Stones which have the same visual clarity as real diamonds at a fraction of the cost.

We also offer Solid Gold or 925 Sterling Silver Pieces on request.


Within every purchase you will receive our Luxury Packaging, consisting of our Magnetic Lid Box, Leather Pouch And Guarantee Card.


Where we place your jewellery to ensure quality control. The perfect place for you to store your jewellery when not wearing.


A stunning gold stainless steel guarantee card that provides you security with every purchase.